Deana has spent over 20 years working in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley, California.  She has always been at the forefront of innovative technologies and has taken her experience and created a business of her own.  She is combining the latest online sales and marketing strategies with high performance coaching to create programs and products that will help business owners and thought leaders excel beyond what they’ve ever accomplished before. 

We have moved into a new age where an online presence and mobility has enabled opportunities never available to individuals before.  Low barriers to entry and the trend of buying online has changed the way sales and marketing is being done.  Deana has over 2 years experience in the latest online marketing strategies above and beyond working for 18 years at a fortune 50 company. Adding a certification from the world most successful high performance coaching program makes her the one you want to work with to take your Life and business to the next level.  She has a knack for identifying unique opportunities in the industry and the strategic planning to help you take your idea to market. 

If you are at the beginning stages and you need help strategically planning out how you will take your idea to market, Deana can help.  Afterwards, we can work with you to tactically implement that strategy, taking into account the latest online marketing and sales strategies along with giving you some high performance habits that will keep you productive throughout the process.  

If you're interested in High Performance Coaching, then I will work with you through a process that concentrates on 5 different areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. We feel that if you develop master in these 5 areas, then you'll achieve more.  As your coach, I'll explore how clear you are with your goals, whether or not your energy is where it needs to be, how confident you are in being who you truly are, what distractions or poor habits you might have, and what keeps you on track, and how influencial you feel you are in your work and at home.  


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