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Personal Power Career Coaching will give you the clarity you need to find the job that you love.  You will rediscover your passions, because life is short and we spend 70% of our time at work.  Why not love what you do and bring joy to the process!  We will give you tools, tips, support, and new habits to help you PERSEVERE over the long term.  You'll be able to manage your energy and mood so your not drained at the end of the day.  


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Finding The Ideal Job

You need to be able to tell your unique story on paper.  Hiring managers are sifting through tons of resume's with no life to them.  Be creative and make them want to learn more about you. Come to one of our events and learn from one of the most creative resume writers that will help you transform your resume and make the words pop off the page.  

Your application and resume is sitting in a "key word search" black hole.  If you don't have the right words in your resume it get's lost and will never seen the light of day. 

You'll need to customize every resume and cover letter specifically for the job.  Get really good at networking and selling yourself. Find the hiring manager and ask them for an informational interview.   Think out of the box and Persevere!

"This seems counter intuitive — But consider the following situation: if Jane tells Judy that she wants to work as a social media coordinator at a startup with less than 50 people, and Judy hears about a social media specialist job at a company with 60 people, Judy will probably refer Jane. But if Jane tells Judy that she wants to work in online marketing, Judy will say “Oh, that’s nice” and promptly forget that Jane exists. " - Answer by Satvik Beri on Quora

The exercise of gaining more clarity will help you much further than enlist others help.  You'll be able to answer questions in the interviews with more confidence because you are more confident in what you want to do.  We spend 70% of our time working, so it's important for you to enjoy what you do and know why it's important to you.

The process is frustrating, discouraging, and can mess with your confidence.  But having a positive attitude helps counteract the doubt that you may be feeling.  Surround yourself around people that support you and lift you up.  Stay away from the energy vampires that have to tear you down.  Join the Personal Power - Career Community, click here!  

Practice Practice Practice.  Join the Personal Power Career Coaching and you'll gain more clarity, confidence and control.  

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Satvik Beri  recommends:  "Every two weeks, send an email to your contacts asking them if they know of anyone who’s hiring for your dream job. Reach out to hiring managers directly on LinkedIn and ask to meet with them. Go to meetups where people in your job work. Tell everyone that you’re looking for job X. Because you’re so specific in your requests, people will often refer you to friends of friends of friends — it’s just so easy to pass your name along!"


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